Most Common USA Casino Banking Options

Banking options are a crucial part of gambling online. Not all USA casinos are the same when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals. Some sites do a great job of approving deposits while others don't. It's the same story with casino withdrawals. Some gambling establishments quickly approve withdrawals while others may have you waiting for up to 4 weeks to get your winnings.

When playing for real dough at a USA online casino, be sure to consider the available banking options before depositing your money. Below are the best USA casino banking methods of making both deposits and withdrawals.

USA Casino Banking Deposit Options

Safe USA Casino Banking Options

Credit/debit card: Credit or debit cards are the most popular USA casino banking option for making a deposit. The most accepted credit/debit card is Visa, followed by MasterCard. Since all casinos accept credit card deposits without fees, there's no problem choosing this option.

American Express and Discover are other credit cards that US gamblers can use to fund their casino accounts. However, only a few online casinos accept both credit cards.

On the downside, however, you need to remember that not everyone owns a credit/debit card, or wishes to reveal their financial information at a gambling site. If you want more anonymity and control, then you should consider buying prepaid cards.

Bitcoin: This cryptocurrency is a decentralized means of payment, which means it's not regulated by governments or banks. As such, Bitcoin has become the ideal payment option for American players who want to deposit cash into their casino accounts. But Bitcoin does have some issues, the biggest of which is its extreme volatility. Even with the downsides, Bitcoin still remains the best option for players to make deposits. Such transactions don't carry any risk of rejection, as Bitcoin isn't subject to American laws.

USA Casino Withdrawal Options

Safe USA Casino Banking Options

Bank wire: Bank wire withdrawals are quick and free and get into your own bank account within three to five business days. They're a great option because the money is transferred directly into your own bank account and you don't have to wait. When the money gets into your account, it's available right away. If you don't need your cash super fast, bank wire is the way to go.

Cash transfer: If you need your cash really quick, cash transfer is the best banking method. You can request a withdrawal and get your funds within 12 hours. After requesting a withdrawal, you'll get an email with details you will use at a cash transfer point. Once you give the agent the required details, you're given your money and that's it.

Check: Another popular casino withdrawal option is receiving a check. Most checks generally arrive by courier within 7-10 business days. You should only use a check as the last resort as it takes the longest to access your funds. With check, you may need to wait for up to 10 days for your funds to become available. Check withdrawals are normally free and are perfect if you're only getting a fairly small sum.